Lynks Disease-Best info guide about Fictional or Real disease in 2021?

Lynks Disease Overview:

Lynks disease is a concept describing a fictional health disease. Lynks Disease comes from the basis open for THHPII, normally found in the SouthWestern side of the United States.

It is a single approach between chronic Lyme and measles and.

About THHPII, actually it is a disturbance where the single person is unable to see what’s happening around him. The patient imaginens fictional disease and eating garbage and thinking in mind that it is going to rescue them from those delusional diseases.

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Lynks disease symptoms:

However the signs and symptoms are not the same for each person, but for the ease here are the common symptoms:

Yucky ear: This is considered the first symptom that could happen after involving in it.

Black tongue: In Lynks disease black stain could be seen in the cerner area of the tongue.

Big arm blister: Observed filled with pus, if you watch this symptom so there could be a high percentage that you have it. 

And measles-like symptoms.

Can we get it?

Firstly, this may be a way of understanding that looks fictional. In addition we do not know if it is correct from reblogging , as we do not advise it. Those are:

Handling clays


Affected hand

Water contamination


Usage of clay as a drug could be a regular method to cure it.

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Lynx theory:

Lynx is a variety of cat or wildcat, it is a section of Greek North American and Norse like mythology. He is observed as a curious creature in Amerindian traditions known as “trustable secretive”. In addition he is also considered that he could see behind things, and is able to have an overview of all his territory. As a result, he can understand hidden facts and have psychological strength.

Linked to our subject, we can watch that it fits greatly with our topic.


People love to show fictional houses and homes as well as families subject to others in association with a new mindset. Can you trust it? We think that in this scene we need some help and tests to get cured of those fictional thoughts.

I think now you have a better understanding about Lynks disease. Feel free to comment below. Thanks

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