How long is baby food good for-Good estimation guide in 2021

How long is baby food good for ? This is the simple question normally asked by the parents who have a newborn baby at their home. As your baby develops and grows, they will start to cover new milestones along the way. 

One of the most eventful (and messy!) The event you will have with your child is their opening to baby food! Many parents adopt to make their kid’s baby food at home, as compared to purchasing pureed foods in-store.

Even if the possibility may seem discouraging, it could actually be fast and easy! Making homemade baby food by yourself also has major benefits for not only your little one and also for you. 

No doubt not only will your kid benefit from more range and textures, recent tasting food, and rich nutrition, but you’ll be in a position to have more control over what your kid is intaking and could easily maintain the ratio of fruits and veggies they have.

If you purchase fresh fruits and veggies in bulk you are going to make the best food for your child as compared to purchasing store-bought baby food that is made with different chemicals and ingredients that you don’t know. 

After all, without a written expiration date on a food jar, it is important to notice how long homemade baby food lasts! Here we have shown some guidelines for keeping your child’s purees fresh and safe:

How long is baby food good for – Refrigerated – 48 Hours

If you are planning to store your homemade kid’s food in the refrigerator, freshly made kid’s food will last in the refrigerator for up to 48 hours. After all, if you plan to store purees in separate containers for fast, single-use servings, this storage method could be an easy option as it will dispose of the need for thaw or any other extra steps.

You should assure yourself to write the date on the food box, to ensure that they are being thrown out after passing 48-hour window closes! If you do not wish to refrigerate your homemade kid’s food, we would suggest that you should make regular baby food on a day to day, or after the single day basis. 

Also don’t try to feed your baby directly from the original storage box and then re-store. Unhealthy elements like saliva and other bacteria could contaminate your baby food if you do so.

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Frozen – 3 -6 Months

It is advised to keep self made baby food in the freezer for a maximum time of 3 months for nutrient retention and optimal quality. After all, it is still safe for your child that he/she could eat it for up to 6 months. 

In the markets now available the food making tools to make the task of making self cooked baby food even easier by providing an easy box for immediate use, or storage for later in the refrigerator or freezer. Convenience is the main key when you’re a mother on-the-go and this kind of food making tools are the best tool to support all of your baby food needs.  

In case you select to refrigerate or freeze yourself cooked purees, you may find it easy to make your own baby food pouches and food making tools could help with just that. Self cooked baby food pouches could be stored in the refrigerator or the freezer, and they follow the freshness guidelines and shelf life as self cooked baby food that is stored in other food boxes. 

Food Preservers

Now you have the flexibility to make and store your own home cooked food pouches with the food preservers available in the markets. It’s fast and easy! Just pour in the purée and hit the down to fill. 

The non-skid base remains secure on your counter, and the flexible press ensures a stable grip. In addition, the food preserver is dishwasher safe, so you could clean up in a simple way! The food preservers are perfect for home cooked baby food and smoothies, just like store-bought yogurt, applesauce and purées. 

Your child then can enjoy the pouches right away, or on the other hand you can keep them safe and store them in the refrigerator or freezer for later. These techniques are best for making on-the-go feeding a breeze! The food preservers also include food preserver Pouches. Read more in details about homemade baby food validity

Reusable Pouch

This type of environmentally friendly, reusable food pouch could also be used with self cooked homemade smoothies, purees, yogurt, applesauce and more. You could use the screw top to fill in your child’s favorite snack. 

Best for the secure, screw top prevents it from leaks and messes. In addition, the reusable pouch includes a handy clip for affixing to strollers and bags. These silicone pouches are simple to clean, dishwasher safe and phthalate free.

We hope that these fresh guidelines ask how long is baby food good for ? will help you along your self cooked baby food journey. It will also help keep your child happy, healthy, and safe!

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