Hanahaki disease-Best explained fictional disease 2021

What is Hanahaki Disease?

Hanahaki Disease is considered an illness born from single-sided love. In this disease where the patient coughs up and throws up flower petals when he/she suffers from single-sided love. This type of infection could be removed through surgery, however the feelings end up with the petals.

Hanahaki Disease Definition

Hanahaki Disease is considered such a disease that is born from unrequited love, where the patient’s throat will cover up with some kind of flowers, he/she will then proceed to throw them out. Also he/she then coughs up the petals, sometimes even the flowers.

The possibility of coming out with this disease is if the said person restores the feeling. it can’t be settled with friendship however it has to be genuine feelings of love.

The possibility of removal of this kind of disease is also with surgery. Although the feelings vanished along with the flower petals. If he/she selects neither options or the feeling is not restored in time, at that moment the patient’s lungs will cover up with flowers. This will eventually cause suffocation.

In this case of disease there is no specific flower for the disease, however he/she will either be the crushes their favourite kind of flower. As well as he/she could crush their favourite colour. We can only pray and hope for the patients that the crushed beloved flower isn’t a kind of rose.

The time frame of the disease depends on each person. However on an average, it will stay up to two or three months, however in some cases it will only stay twice a week.

For Example:

The face was sick, the body lay limp on the carpet. the mottled petals and the flowers around them, which turn into a puddle of their own blood. I took a wide breath. At that moment I moved to the rest of the group, doing my head down. Who said love will not kill? I laugh with a low voice. Someone ask me Darn you Hanahaki Disease? I hold my breath. Tears threatening to fall.

Is the Hanahaki disease real? Facts in 2021

No. It is a fictional disease that develops when the person who loves you he/she don’t reply to your love and attention. It is mostly seen in characters in fanfiction, if someone infected with this disease he/she will have a throat that is covered up with some kind of flowers and they will try to cough out the petals.

On the other hand If the person loves him/her then this disease is cured. The other method to handle this disease is surgical removal, and along with the flowers, the excitement of love is removed as well. 

If you leave it untreated it is said that the flowers will create problems and suffocate the lungs, resulting in the result that a lovesick person will die.

In this disease the reality is the patient/victim is affected as him/her crush/attraction hasn’t restored their feelings. This disease has the patient coughing up bloody flower petals as the disease remains in the lungs. It is possible to cure the disease however the feelings for that person will disappear. The person could restore the feelings and the disease would stop creating problems for the patient.

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For Example:

Hanahaki disease is not true. As like we have read the titular virus in Dan Brown’s novel named the Inferno. The disease is only a work of fiction. We could explain it as love sickness as it is a result of love and romance.

Alright, now you know very well that this disease is not true and never would be. 

When a single person develops this fictitious disease called Hanahaki, many other things can happen. It is observed that people who are the victim of this disease cough up flower petals.

Now the main factore who is responsible for this sickness is unreturned love. In simple words loving someone and not getting back love in return.

Let me use Michael(a man) and Lara (a woman) to give you an example of the meaning of this disease. Assuming both of them Michael and Lara are close in relationship. Michael loves Lara to the point that he receives a bullet for her.

Unfortunately, this relationship is single-sided. Michael loves Lara, but Lara doesn’t feel or love the same way.

Explaining this Hanahaki disease, there are chances that Michael may develop this disease because of unreturned love. In result his lungs will become covered up with flowers and their roots, it will cause problems in his respiratory tract.

The only way Michael could become good is for Lara to love him back. Although this disease can also be vanished via surgical operation. However if urgent action is not taken, the patient could die.

Hope now you have a better understanding about this fictional disease named Hanahaki disease. Feel free to comment below. Thanks

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