Food for toddler with diarrhea – 15 Best foods in 2021

Food for toddlers with diarrhea, this query comes to mind when someone from parents is worried about their little one that is facing diarrhea. As the children grow the bodily functions develop. Toddlers and babies have a sensitive digestive system, and hence, usually, they have more chances of discomfort from diarrhoea. 

In fact they may not wish to drink or eat anything. Therefore, as a parent, you wish to keep your kid hydrated. This article elaborates the foods you should and shouldn’t give your child when he/she has loose motions. Let’s discover then,

Foods : When Your Infant/Toddler Has Diarrhoea

The diet for a kid problematic with diarrhoea normally includes food items that are not only quickly to digest therefore sometimes, also help to solve the problem.

1. Breast Milk (0 Months+)

If your breastfeeding baby wets his diapers mostly, just keep focus to breast milk. Breast milk has the ability itself that it will not only keep him hydrated and also tackle his bowels.

2. Buttermilk (7 Months+)

Probiotics play a great role in diarrhoea as they are very effective in battling diarrhoea. Give foods like buttermilk, curd, or lassi yoghurt to your child.

3. Rice Gruel (6 Months+)

Another important food is rice water which can help your child maintain the fluid stages in his body. It also helps to down the frequency of stools.

4. Ginger

Many moms and dads from the earlier generations believe by the power of ginger in lowering the signs of diarrhoea. Normally, this is meant for children that are gradually older and not young childs. 

The way to give them ginger is to mix it with some rock salt and jaggery works on giving some comfort from diarrhea and indigestion. You could also try pramatya of carom seeds (ajwain) nagara or a decoction or ginger, harad, pippali and vacha, that is very effective in treating diarrhoea.

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5. Nutmeg

This ingredient is also known as jaiphal in various areas of the country, this is also another age-old remedy that has been used in different Ayurvedic preparations till this date. 

Normally the people use its powder by rubbing a small portion of the spice on the top of a stone grinder. Eventually this powder is then mixed with some fresh water and given to little ones. This remedy is also proven an effective one to give relief or handle diarrhoea in kids above 6 months and less than 10 years of age.

6. Lemon Water ( 8 Months+)

There seems to be no disease that lemon can’t cure. Lemon restores the body with the lost fluids. Mix lemon juice with warm water and add some powder of rock salt  to make healthy and tasty lemon water.

7. Cumin Powder

This is also considered a great solution for improving digestion and stimulating hunger in children older than 6 months. It could also give relief from mild gastric pain and indigestion, however may not control diarrhoea. 

Try to roast some fennel seeds and cumin powder in a pan. Then boil the roasted spices in a little amount of water and let it normal. Give this water to your baby 2 to 3 times a day in little gaps depending on his age.

8. Vegetable Soup (8 Months+)

Babies’s bodies have the flexibility they can easily absorb the nutrients from a clear veggie soup. Don’t mix spices like pepper and gassy veggies like cabbage, cauliflower, spinach and sprouts during loose motions. 

You could also add a pinch of roasted hing, and jeera powder to settle digestion.

9. Chicken Soup (9 Months+)

Clear chicken soup is a good option, If you wish to try a non-veg soup. It dissolves in the stomach easily and is the most nutritious diet for children with diarrhoea.

10. Sabudana (7 Months+)

Porridge or Khichdi made from sabudana is absolutely beneficial for childs during a bout of diarrhoea. The method is so simple: soak the sabudana, cook it, and strain the whole water. You could add hing or salt for flavour.

11. Baby Bananas (6 Months+)

Food for toddler with diarrhea

Another natural beneficial fruit is bananas that help to harden your baby’s stools, so relieving diarrhoea. Method to use is steam and cut the banana into tiny pieces before serving the child.

12. Boiled Potatoes (8 Months+)

Food items that have starch could give nutrition to your little one. Mashed potatoes mixed with flavoured with cumin seeds lower the gas as well as work on diarrhoea.

13. Pomegranate

If your child is in the age that has teeth and could chew well, you can offer him pomegranate seeds. Otherwise, it is best to extract the juice of pomegranate and dilute it with enough water. 

Feed it to your little one once a day that could work towards lowering diarrhoea in children around from 6 months to 5 years of age.

14. Idli (8 Months+)

Another powerful thing to control diarrhea is Idlis. Idlis are easily digestible and healthy, as the good is fermented. However it’s role in stopping diarrhoea is debatable. You can benefit from idli by crushing the idlis properly into tiny pieces before offering them to the child. 

15. Moong Dal Soup (6 Months+)

Another famous idea from the old aged parents is used. They cook a handful of moong dal with a pinch of turmeric powder in a little amount of water. After that, drain the water and offer it to your child. It could help with diarrhoea and stomach  pain.

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Foods You Should Avoid

The diet you shouldn’t offer your toddler/baby when he/she has diarrhoea are:

Dairy products except yoghurt, buttermilk and curd.

Fruit juices

Fizzy drinks

Fruits that opening with P (pears, peaches,plums, prunes,)

High fibre foods

Dry fruits and nuts


Raw veggies

Diarrhoea can make you in trouble with your little one. Offering him/her the perfect foods is the 1st step to recovery. If your child’s health doesn’t improve, then contact your paediatrician instantly.

Hope you have now a better understanding about Food for toddler with diarrhea. Let us know if you have any other ideas in the comments below. Thanks

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