Cat hiccups in 2021-Best guide to know the reasons and preventions

Cat hiccups come to mind when we notice any abnormality in our cat routine. In our routine life we’ve all experienced our share of hiccups, but how is it possible that cat hiccups ? or can cats get them, too? Have you ever observed behavior in your feline pal that could seem like hiccups in humans? Do you think it is really hiccups, or something else? Here we take a look, especially at cat hiccups.


Have you ever experienced this ? When you hiccup, you perceive a contraction of your diaphragm. The diaphragm is that the muscle normally sits between your lungs and stomach. When your body functions normally, this muscle remains downward when you take breath in and relaxes to let air out as you take out breath. The compulsory spasm of the diaphragm, which is what we understand to be a ‘hiccup’, is that the muscle’s reaction to an irritant.

This irritability actually arises in the nerve that associates your diaphragm to your brain, that  is why hiccups could be brought on by both sides of your physical and emotional factors. The main causes and factors include:

Eating too much

Eating too quickly

Sudden changes in temperature

Drinking carbonated beverages

Chewing gum

Stress and anxiety

Your vocal cords closing suddenly when the noise you might hear when you hiccup. The chances are rare, but hiccups could also be a symptom of a disease. So if you face this kind of physical change then these are the facts about human hiccups, So how could it be impossible for your cat hiccups?

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For the reasons humans get hiccups, cats get hiccups in a similar way too. In felines, eating too fast or overeating are the basic causes of hiccups. If food isn’t chewed properly by the human or cat, it could also cause excess ingestion of air, that is what could cause the irritation and, in result, the spasm of the diaphragm.

Anxiety is another cause of human hiccups and cat hiccups that both experience. In various cases, emotional aggrieve like discomfort or loneliness anxiety in your cat could result in odd physical symptoms like hiccups.

After all, there’s also a common cause of cat hiccups that humans don’t experience is hairballs. When cats groom by themselves, they bear to ingest a hair or two as they use their tongues to clear up their fur. The hairs could be disturbing to your cat’s mouth and the spasm could help them loosen or cough up the fur.

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If your cat’s bouts of hiccups are repeatedly and short-lived, there’s normally nothing to worry about. On the other hand, if your feline pal is observed to be getting hiccups repeatedly, or their bouts are lasting longer than the usual time, it could be a sign of a medical condition that should be examined by your cat care specialist or doctor. Some underlying conditions that could result your cat to observed abnormal cat hiccups are include:

Organ disease

Heart disease


Neurological disorders

Ingestion of a foreign object

Severe allergies


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It is observed that hiccups are more common in young kittens as compared to older cats, but not necessarily your cat’s shape, age or size could be concerning when you noticed them experiencing hiccups for the first time. 

In case your cat has been having higher hiccups than normal or you’re normally trying to notice the reason for the spasms they are having, the veterinary consultants/doctors at Cat Clinic could provide you help. We know that when it is the matter of your cat’s health, you’d feel secure rather than sorry, which is why we’re here to produce medical advice and pet care especially in cat hiccups for pet owners throughout the area.

Hope you now little bit informed about cat hiccups. Feel free to comment below. Thanks

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