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A common food allergy for young children is the query that comes to mind in parents who are too health and food conscious about their children. In fact May is considered as National Asthma & Allergy Awareness Month, so here we will discuss the most common food allergies in kids. Many of our children have food intolerances or sensitivities, however, allergies are entirely different. Allergies are like an immune response to different foods which contain proteins. The syndrome of allergies could be more difficult as compared to the symptoms of diet intolerance. 

A common food allergy for young children is

Among different types of common food allergy one of the possible effects of a diet allergy is called anaphylaxis. This kind of allergy is a severe reaction allergy that affects the entire body. It could include a big range of syndromes that show up quickly. The following syndrome could be symptoms of anaphylaxis especially if they show up at once after exposure to a possible allergen:

Wheezing or coughing

Shortness of breath or trouble breathing

Difficulty swallowing

Tightness in chest

Swelling of the lips or tongue

Tight feeling in throat

Weak pulse

Hives and/or pale Rash, bluish skin or redness

Stuffy or runny nose


As you could see, it’s meaningful to be informed of any food allergies that your child has so you could adjust their food to avoid trigger foods. The Food Allergen Labelling and Consumer Protection Act (FALCPA) needs FDA examined foods to undoubtedly list any of the top 8 allergens in their specimen information. Normally there is any food that has the potential to result in an allergy, however these are the 8 most common food allergies in kids.

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1. Milk

Milk is considered the most common diet allergy source in kids. Milk allergy is not the same as an imbalance of lactose. Lactose imbalance could result in symptoms like bloating, diarrhea, cramping. Milk allergy could cause syndromes like vomiting, difficulty breathing hives,, or anaphylaxis. 

2. Tree Nuts

Tree nut allergies are considered the 2nd most familiar food allergy in children. We have listed a long list of tree nuts that must be avoided. They incorporated (but are not limited to):






Brazil nuts



3. Eggs

Eggs are also considered one of the most common diet allergies in children. Although the egg white part causes the allergic reaction, eggs in all types must be avoided. Any foods or diets that have even traces of eggs in the element also need to be avoided. 

4. Peanuts

Peanuts is also considered a common food allergy in kids. Kids who are 

allergic to intake peanuts sometimes have complex reactions that are near-fatal. Not for all however some allergies, peanut allergies are normally life-long once the allergy is acquired. Kids who are suffering from allergic problems should avoid eating foods that contain peanuts in all its types. A list of food that contains peanuts products, must consult this list from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation.

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5. Soy

One of the kids’ allergies is soy allergy that is common among children, but most children outgrow their soy allergies reaching the age of 10 according to the American College of Allergy. Soy is an element in a rich amount of foods as a source of protein. Many people who we called are vegetarian and vegan, they use foods soy to substitute for meat protein.


Another type of allergy is Wheat allergy, that is common in kids, but the syndrome of the allergic reaction is often mild. But, because some reactions are critical and life-threatening, it’s essential that kids with wheat allergies steer clear of any diet containing wheat.

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7. Fish

Besides all allergies mentioned in above list fish allergies may not be as common, but an allergy to finned fish is a usual result of anaphylaxis according to the research report. While some kids might have fish allergies, these allergies might not develop until adulthood for a few people. Common fish types people have allergic problems to include salmon, tuna and halibut. 

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